Bert Junno

Chairman of the board

Bert Junno is a co-founder, CEO and board member of Gabather since 2014. He is a co-founder of the life science companies: WntResearch AB (public), Galecto Biotech AB, Aptahem AB (public) and Cyxone AB. He serves on the advisory board of the Swedish patent office since 2010. Bert Junno has previous management and board level experience from several European and US based companies in fields of electronics, biotech and IT. Bert Junno holds a Ph.D. in Semiconductor Physics and Technology and a M.Sc. in Physics from Lund University.

Saad Gilani

Board Member

Saad Gilani is a Managing Director at Yorkville Advisors Global and has been with the firm since 2005. As Head of the Healthcare Group, he has led financing transactions in a variety of life science companies focused on biotechnology, molecular diagnostics and medical devices in the US and in Europe. Saad is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. He also sits on the supervisory board of Temple Therapeutics BV based in The Netherlands.

Prior to joining Yorkville Advisors Global, Saad worked at Keyence Corporation for 11 years where he held various management roles within the Engineering and Marketing groups. Saad earned a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers College of Engineering and received his MBA from Rutgers University in NJ, where he specialized in finance.

Mikael Lindstam

Board Member

Mikael Lindstam has been engaged in several start-up companies and development programs that have generated investments of more than 100 MSEK. Dr. Lindstam has been part of the development of Galecto Biotech AB and Gabather AB from Forskarpatent’s portfolio including a number of license deals and IP-divestments. Dr. Lindstam is cúrrently the CEO of Aptahem AB, a company developing aptamers for stroke and other diseases. Dr. Lindstam has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and with long experience from marketing, entrepreneurship and management.

Ola Skanung


Has a background as Bachelor of Business Administration, major in entrepreneurship, with further studies in change management and audit . With many years of experience as a CFO and a wealth of experience from, and a passion for, working with growing companies.

Theresa Comiskey Olsen

Board Member

Theresa Comiskey Olsen, Attorney at Law (USA), is a Partner at Langseth Law Firm in Oslo, Norway. Theresa has been with Langseth since January 2016 after starting her own practice with focus on legal transactions in the Life Sciences/Biotech field. Prior to starting her practice in 2008, she was General Counsel of Nycomed, which has since been acquired by Takeda. Theresa continues to grow her practice at Langseth with focus on legal transactions in the Life Sciences/Biotech field. She has her B.A. from University of Pennsylvania and her J.D. from University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.