Life-changing treatments for disorders of the immune system

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Cyxone – an innovative clinical-stage biotech company

Cyxone develops disease modifying therapies for rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis as well as treatments for virally induced acute respiratory disorders. With three unique programs, Cyxone is well positioned to deliver substantial benefits for patients, the health care system as well as for its shareholders.

Our Drug Projects

Rheumatoid Arthritis (Rabeximod)

A unique mechanism-of-action combined with a convenient oral administration and a beneficial tolerability profile

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Covid-19 (Rabeximod)

Inhibits the release of multiple cytokines without suppressing the general immune system

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Multiple sclerosis (T20K)

Acts to stop or slow down the progression of multiple sclerosis

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CEO Tara Heitner comments

In a very short time frame we have managed to expand our project portfolio, filed new patent applications for our most mature asset Rabeximod to potentially prolong its market exclusivity, secured additional financing and expanded our team. This provides us with a considerably strengthened platform for the ongoing efforts to combat disease and create value for our shareholders. We are now eagerly looking forward to progressing the Covid-19 trial, optimizing the development plan for Rabeximod in rheumatoid arthritis and optimizing T20K’s development towards clinical Phase

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