Largest Owners

Owners as per March 31, 2023.
Source: Euroclear

OwnerShare of votes and capital (%)
Avanza Pension7.24
Ivar Nordqvist3.34
Göran Ofsén2.44
Oxypharma AB1.95
Fornio AB*1.82
Mikeoo Holding AB**1.82
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB1.68
ABBMO Holding AB1.64
Christian Pettersson1.39
C & Son Invest AB1.02

* Bert Junno owns 100% of the shares in Fornio AB. Junno further owns 400,000 shares in Cyxone AB.

** Mikael Lindstam owns 100% of the shares in Mikeoo Holding AB. Lindstam further owns 62,500 shares in Cyxone AB.