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Cyxone makes significant progress in the manufacturing process for Rabeximod

March 9, 2023 12:12 (CET)

Cyxone (publ), a biotech company in autoimmune diseases, has in collaboration with its contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) managed to significantly streamline part of the manufacturing process of the drug candidate Rabeximod, which is under development for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

As part of the continued development of Rabeximod, Cyxone is now, in collaboration with its CDMO, working on the development of creating a scalable manufacturing process for the late development phases as well as the commercialization of Rabeximod. Rabeximod is produced by chemical synthesis through several intermediate steps to make up the final active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). In the recent process development efforts one of the major time-consuming steps was significantly improved, which opens for a much more streamlined manufacturing process going forward. 

 “With the transition from an early-stage manufacturing process to a large-scale process for late-stage development and commercial, there are always scale up challenges often not encountered at early-stage development at smaller scale despite various design and robustness tests. We have now streamlined one of the process steps applicable to several intermediate steps that will result in shorter manufacturing times and in the end higher yields”, says Laurens van Pinxteren, CMC responsible for Cyxone.

“We are very happy with this improvement of the manufacturing process, which has the potential to create significant value for Cyxone both in our upcoming clinical studies beyond Phase 2b and in the future commercialization of Rabeximod", says Erika Samuelsson, Chief Development Officer, Cyxone.

Rabeximod is a well-tolerated, orally available Phase 2 candidate drug with a unique mechanism of action. Rabeximod selectively targets the inflammatory macrophage, a type of white blood cell which is the central orchestrator of the inflammatory process that causes tissue destruction and clinical symptoms in RA. Combined with the convenience of oral administration and a beneficial tolerability profile, this opens up for treatment in the early as well as later stages of the disease. It is believed to be particularly effective at onset and relapses of RA, with good potential to prevent joint destruction and progression of the disease.

Carl-Magnus Högerkorp, CEO
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About Cyxone
Cyxone AB (publ) (Nasdaq First North Growth Market: CYXO) develops disease modifying therapies for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Rabeximod is a Phase 2 candidate drug being evaluated for the management of rheumatoid arthritis. T20K is a Phase 1 candidate drug for treatment of multiple sclerosis. Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB. For more information, please visit

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